This portfolio showcases all the various coursework and projects I have done throughout my time in the New Media Institute.

Through my new media courses, I learned about the basics of technological evolution, the development of the Internet, and the rise of mobile technologies. I was introduced to a variety of programming lanaguage and discovered how to apply these languages towards the development of websites and mobile applications.

I also explored new technologies such as the Hololens and, while that particular piece of technology has no foreseeable future in the mass market, I had the opportunity to develop software and apply cutting-edge technology for emerging devices.

There was no real hardship in my process. I was introduced to a programming language, learned the basics in a tutorial, never really struggled, and explored it to my liking to develop fun projects. Thankfully, it came pretty naturally, and I was able to use my skills for assignments in other classes as well as my personal projects (check out my homepage for more info).

Javascript is love, Javascript is life.

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